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Leveraging strategic partners to build a connected ecosystem

Posted 11.10.2016

At Eos we have partnered with a number of specialist providers to complement our experience and capabilities and ensure that:

  • we have visibility of a large number of potential startups across the globe
  • we offer a comprehensive and market leading proposition for start-ups, helping to attract the best in the market
  • we can provide support and advice to facilitate a strong growth trajectory

Our partners include the leading InsurTech accelerator programmes in the UK and the US, Startupbootcamp InsurTech and the Global Insurance Accelerator. Our relationship with these organisations ensures that we see hundreds of new InsurTech start-ups each year. For Startupbootcamp we are part of the mentor programme and provide up to a £1m of financing for portfolio companies in each programme (at our discretion) giving us a unique position to build relationships with leading entrepreneurs coming through the programme.

We also have a number of specialist partners that can provide specific support at key points in the value chain. For example, we work with who provide dedicated support around machine learning and artificial intelligence and LRD who support marketing, branding and building a successful customer acquisition strategy.

Our proposition is to complement any funding activity with ongoing support to help our portfolio companies develop and achieve their growth objectives. We therefore also have a number of strategic partners from the insurance sector that can help with implementation and execution. These include a number of multi-national insurers and reinsurers as well as organisations like Convista (a leading independent consulting company).

The combination of our experience with that of our partners creates a compelling proposition for investors and startups.

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