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How we work with Startups

We are interested in working with leading InsurTech entrepreneurs.

We recognise that access to capital is a critical step for any startup and whilst this is core to our proposition our primary driver is supporting growth in your business over the long term based on a supportive relationship.

We have extensive relationships across the sector with other start-ups, accelerators, insurers, reinsurers and brokers and in many geographies. Combined with years of experience working in the sector we can provide valuable advice, help develop new relationships, create and support new initiatives and work with you to achieve your key business milestones.

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Financing Strategy & Execution

A critical first step is setting an appropriate strategy to meet your financing objectives. There are a number of pockets of capital including strategic investors, high net worth individuals and professional investors. An approach that allows a combination of the above can prove beneficial. Setting an appropriate and realistic valuation and the right size for the raise are key parts in this process to get the right balance between attracting capital and dilution.

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Due Diligence

We have a robust due diligence process that challenges all areas of the business from commercial, technology, financial and operational matters.

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Robust Governance

Ensuring a robust governance and oversight process is critical for all shareholders. We typically join the board to support in this capacity, leveraging many years of board experience.

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Eos Ecosystem and Portfolio Effect

One of the additional benefits of working with Eos is that as a specialist InsurTech business we have connections with startups across all parts of value chain. This has allowed us to make connections between startups and other industry players to create mutually beneficial relationships which have delivered synergies through developing new channels, new distribution channels or operational execution.

“Working with Eos became the biggest game-changer in my company’s history. He not only introduced us to the right investors and clients, but also took the time to coach and develop a clear strategy for me and the team. We are now backed by Allianz, five angel investors and have a sales pipeline that will keep us busy all the way to our Series A (which Eos is also organizing!). I literally can’t think of anyone better suited to coach and invest in an InsurTech startup such as mine, and we are looking forward to a long and fruitful business partnership with Eos Venture Partners.”

- Erik Abrahamsson, CEO & Founder, Digital Fineprint