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PRESS RELEASE: Eos announces strategic partnership with ClickFox

Posted 10.10.2017




ClickFox and Eos Venture Partners announce strategic partnership

Eos Venture Partners is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with ClickFox, the journey company.

Many insurance companies have disparate systems and processes meaning it’s difficult to gain visibility into the entire customer experience. As an investor in insurance technology solutions, Eos is interested in bringing best in class solutions to their investors and partners.

Analysing connected journeys across organisational siloes is a method proven in several industries as a way to quickly identify process gaps and experience improvement opportunities. Insurers can use this information to modernize and transform their customer touchpoints, portals, systems, and processes – thus enhancing customer satisfaction and their bottom line. ClickFox is a solution that brings customer journeys to life by taking a data-driven approach and is an industry leader in connecting and analysing journeys from multiple data sources.

The strategic partnership is a natural one, given the existing partnership between ConVista and ClickFox.  ConVista is a certified delivery partner of the ClickFox solution, focusing on insurers.

Jonathan Kalman, General Partner of Eos Venture Partners comments:

“Journey sciences are providing unique insights into better understanding the customer journey. Companies in other industries have realised significant benefits working with ClickFox and we see huge opportunities for insurers motivated to become customer centric, improve the customer experience and at the same time significantly improving operating efficiency. ClickFox complements our investments in start-up technologies and will play an important role driving operating model improvements for our strategic investors.”

Lauren Smith, EVP of Sales & Client Services of ClickFox adds:

“ClickFox is very excited to partner with Eos, especially as Journey Science and data-centric customer analytics build real traction with insurance companies.  By more deliberately applying the many years of experience and success across all industry verticals to the insurance sector, ClickFox can bring journeys at scale to insurance use cases.  Eos brings a wealth of experience, credibility, and strategic thinking that complements our approach.”



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About Eos Venture Partners:

Eos Venture Partners is a global InsurTech Venture Capital investor. Eos was founded in 2016 to bridge the “digital chasm” between InsurTech start-ups and traditional (re)insurance companies, ensuring our investors capture strategic and financial value from the InsurTech revolution.

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About ClickFox

ClickFox, The Journey Company, offers a one-of-a-kind platform that connects data from ANY source into sequential journeys over time and applications to analyze connected journeys. Analyzing customer, patient, employee and device journeys has been proven to be the most effective way to make informed business decisions and surface tangible opportunities from big data. By leveraging ClickFox’s proprietary journey algorithms and Journey Science approach, Fortune 500 clients have gained insights leading to billions in cost savings and revenue growth.

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