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How we work with Investors

Eos is purpose-built to effectively bridge the “digital chasm” between InsurTech start-ups and traditional insurance and re-insurance companies. Our investors come from the insurance industry. 

We provide investors with access to the rapidly growing InsurTech sector, working with our strategic LPs to provide:

  1. A clear strategy for engaging the InsurTech ecosystem and realizing benefits in your organisation
  2. Opportunity to work with leading InsurTech companies to test, pilot, develop and integrate propositions in your core business 
  3. Access to cutting edge technology and latest developments
  4. Create an environment that enables you to embrace innovation
  5. An experienced sparring partner with whom to engage on a broad spectrum of InsurTech related topics
  6. Acting as a filter and conduit to hundreds of InsurTech companies
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Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is based on analysis of the migration of future profit pools and how we believe InsurTech will impact the sector. We have overlaid this analysis with a platform or cluster approach which enhances value by connecting businesses in adjacent parts of the value chain to create end to end solutions.

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Creating Value for our Investors

Three pillar methodology;
1. Targeted investment
2. Technology led growth
3. Manage legacy
Supported by an LP diagnostic

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Governance process

We have a robust and rigorous governance process. Eos is subject to the rules of the FCA as an appointed representative of Enterprise Investment Partners LLP in the UK.
We undertake detailed due diligence, based on many years of experience, on all opportunities.
We have an investment committee that approves all investment decisions.

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Track Record

Eos is connected to a large number of potential start-ups across the globe and can attract the best in the market. We help facilitate a strong growth trajectory and our partners include the leading InsurTech accelerator programmes in the UK and the US. Our team have worked on over $100bn of insurance related transactions and also have an excellent VC track record, including three IPOs and numerous other successful exits. To date, Eos has made eight InsurTech investments and five have already progressed to follow on rounds.

Beazley considered a number of InsurTech investment fund opportunities and Eos stood out for us. We have found them to have a highly structured approach to supporting and accelerating innovation combined with global experience and deep understanding of insurance. Since investing in the fund, our relationship with Eos is helping to support of our digital and tech strategy.

- Mark Goodman, Head of Corporate Development, Beazley